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HOA Board Meeting – July 27 at pool- Minutes Posted

At 6:30 PM on July 27 (Wed) ¬†HOA board meeting was conducted at the pool with all residents invited. ¬†Minutes are now posted on the Protected Area of the HOA Website.    

Standard stuff you should do as a Homeowner

Don’t drive fast in the ‘hood. Don’t leave you trash cans out for more than 24 hours. Edge your yard and sidewalk. Place a weight on your recycle bin on windy days. Trim your bushes so they don’t crowd the sidewalk. Volunteer for something! Don’t let your dog bark late at night or for a …

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Access to the protected area

IF you are a HOME OWNER…In the bottom right hand corner on the home page, click on the “protected area” words to get access to the (duh) protected area. It will require a password that was published in the Annual minutes: