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Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from your 2017 HOA Board!

On behalf of your 2017 HOA Board we would like to thank the previous board for their service. Your current HOA Board is:

  • Maura Wroblewski, President
  • Jacquelyn Pettus, Vice President
  • Bo Wilkerson, Secretary
  • Liz Taylor, Treasurer

Thank you to all that have paid their 2017 HOA dues. We are 100% in compliance. We will use part of these funds to purchase some new pool chaise lounge chairs, regular spring sprucing up of our landscaping and getting the pool ready to open.

On May 20th we will have a pool clean up day, time tbd. We will also have our next Board of Director’s meeting there at the pool at the conclusion of the clean up activities.

Our much anticipated Annual End of School Party will be on Thursday, May 25th. We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate the party. More information to come on that event.

We will be contacting each of you via email requesting you update your resident contact information. This will serve as a better communication tool for us to reach you quickly and accurately with pertinent information.

We are also in the beginning stages of sending a Newsletter out to everyone. We will hand deliver the first one so you will be able to meet one or more of your Board of Directors. It’s always helpful to put a face with a name. One of our goals is to be in regular contact with you, our stakeholders.

HOA Board of Directors Meeting – 31 Aug, 2016 Minutes Posted

Chapel Hill HOA Board of Directors Meeting was held on 31 Aug 2016 at the pool at 6:30 PM. Minutes are published and posted on the protected area of the HOA website.

HOA Board Meeting – July 27 at pool- Minutes Posted

At 6:30 PM on July 27 (Wed)  HOA board meeting was conducted at the pool with all residents invited.  Minutes are now posted on the Protected Area of the HOA Website.



A few reminders….

> Please slow down when driving – speed limit is 25mph
> Please remove recycle bins and trash cans from the street on the day of pick-up
> Please edge sidewalks and driveways on a consistent basis and ensure that ALL landscaping is cleared from the sidewalks

Social media Just for OUR neighborhood

We have two means of communicating through Social Networking:

Next Door: https://chapelhillal.nextdoor.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1126922200666113/

Standard stuff you should do as a Homeowner

Don’t drive fast in the ‘hood. Don’t leave you trash cans out for more than 24 hours. Edge your yard and sidewalk. Place a weight on your recycle bin on windy days. Trim your bushes so they don’t crowd the sidewalk. Volunteer for something! Don’t let your dog bark late at night or for a long time during the day.

Access to the protected area

IF you are a HOME OWNER…In the bottom right hand corner on the home page, click on the “protected area” words to get access to the (duh) protected area. It will require a password that was published in the Annual minutes: